#thereallworld Cuba?
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así seguramente te veo más tarde con la bipolaridad como la tipa de 21JS Hahah #alligatorpeople #bobeihra
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#tbt En el Matadero, Madrid.
16th Jul 201418:19
I’m amazed of what my air conditioner has done to the wood behind it. I’m so gonna keep this.
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#Lostgist _Prueba #2
#lostgist , 2014 c
m a z e #cat
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”..To the gypsy that I was”. - Post on www.mustbmd.blogspot.com
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New Post - w/ @v_martins_p - www.mustbmd.blogspot.com
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New Post - “To the Gypsy that I was”. www.mustbmd.blogspot.com
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