#35mm  (at Amuay’s Pier)
I get this feeling in my bones sometimes it’s like my legs might fall away. A shooting pain runs down my left hand side and I.. I think of you 
 (at Metronomy - The Most Immaculate Haircut)
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#roadtripwithdad tbs
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47. Alejar cinturón de la visita. 🔥 #TequilaDip
Los palitos salva patria de Kenny. En un Intento de focaccia y “esto no es una pizza”
18th Aug 201412:27
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that was da bomb! #earlymunch
12th Aug 201417:20
❤️ #tbs #London random walk
wanderer wandering around #shashiaeseplaylistestabamiamor W/@allieurb
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Happiness came to me in the shape of a beer
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